Posted 1 year ago

  It’s been a year today since I’ve started lifting weights.
I’m overjoyed that I’ve stuck with it so long, accompanied by a strict diet.  The joy I get from it is immense.  Weight lifting has taught me so many things, how to eat well, how to set and achieve goals, how to be disciplined, how to handle failure. Lifting tells you to leave your ego at the door, and if you don’t listen you’ll learn very quickly.

  I bulked up for most of the year, and have now just cut down to a low BF% via Keto + Caloric deficit + Cardio.  My strength is sapped, I look far more appealing but I miss lifting big.

  Since it’s the start of a new year it’s time to get back into bulking and reclaiming some of that raw strength.

  Going to start with low weight, ease into it, start taking more carbs and cals and see how far I can ramp it up.

Squat: 225 5x5
Bench: 140 5x5
BO-RO: 155 5x5

  I feel like I’ve been slacking, and I never thought I’d say this; I’m not spending enough time on the computer.  I’m spending too much time galavanting around with questionable girls and going out to the pub with friends.  I think it’s time to keep my head down, train hard and start gaming/interneting hard again.